10 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy!

10 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy!

1 - Two words: Cardboard Box. 

2 - Hide tasty treats around the house and let your kitty find them. 

3 - Play a game of laser tag! Let your cat chase the laser toy around, but remember to end your game by landing the red dot on a treat so your cat will feel like she "caught" it. 

4 - Chin scratches. 

5 - Unleash the beast and surprise him with a new super-cute catnip toy! 

6 - Toss her a wad of freshly crumpled paper to bat around. 

7 - CAT TV! Install a KittyKatFlat hours of entertainment.

8 - Make your own healthy cat treats at home! Try a homemade cat treat recipe.

 9 - Go fish! Lure your cat into bliss with her favorite wand toy. 

 10 - Brush her. 

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash