Cool Facts About Cat Noses

Cool Facts About Cat Noses

Photo by id23 on Unsplash


  1. Cats have an incredible sense of smell

  2. A cat’s sense of smell is vital to his appetite

  3. That weird grimace cats make is called a flehmen and it’s a “smell-taste”

  4. Every cat nose has a unique print


The Smells Cats Really Don't Like

  1. Mint

  2. Eucalyptus

  3. Citrus

  4. Tea Tree

  5. Lavender


What Causes Cats to Suffer From Nasal Discharges

  1. A bacterial infection

  2. A fungal infection

  3. An upper respiratory infection

  4. A trauma to their heads

  5. A nasal tumour

  6. Allergies

  7. Cleft palate

  8. Tooth root abscesses

  9. A foreign object lodged in their nasal cavity

  10. Pneumonia

  11. Cheyletiellos