Save Money & Eliminate Odor

Save Money & Eliminate Odor

Because KittyKatFlat allows you to safely move your cat's litter outside, many of our customers switch to alternate litter materials like corn, wheat, or sand. Sand is a natural material that does not contain any of the toxic perfumes and clumping agents that some commercial, clay based litters contain.

 And, cats love to use sand as litter. Best of all, sand is cheap! Sand is about 5 times less expensive than bulk litter. Depending on how much litter you buy, switching to sand will save you about $100 per year.

That will pay for your cat litter box enclosure in no time, and keep saving you money long after your KittyKatFlat has paid for itself.



Sand 50-lb Bag for $3.95


 Litter 8.5-lb Container for $12.00

Photo by Vitaly Taranov on Unsplash