Cat Window House w/ Litter Box & Cat Door Studio Flat - Free Shipping

Outdoor cat enclosure that fits in your window for indoor cats. Keeps your cat safe from wildlife and moves the litter box outside.

Product Description:

  • Durable Construction: Made from heavy gauge injection molded, UV and UVA resistant poly-carbonate.
  • Dimensions Studio: Outside - 16″ wide, 16″ deep x 30″ tall, one 16” X 16” room, one 16” X 16” loft.
  • Included: litter tray, cat door & door frame, side curtains, 2 brackets, 8 screws, 15 connectors, connector tool, window safety clap.
  • Colors: Tan and brown enclosure, red cat door with white frame.
  • Requirements: Home with vertically hung windows, wider than 16”, facing a covered porch or patio, and at least 8.5" from exterior floor.
  • Simple Assembly: Roof panels snap together with connectors, robust connection system.
  • Move the Litter Box Outside: System extends the inside of your home, to the outside of your home.
  • Cat Size: 20 pounds and under