Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is KittyKatFlat?

KittyKatFlat is a secure outdoor cat enclosure that installs into the window of your home. All Flats include a litter box which makes it a secure outdoor litter box also. Because KittyKatFlat is installed into your window, your cat can move freely between your home and it’s home, via the window mounted cat door, whenever it likes.  While “outside” your cat is safely contained in a secure enclosure.

For years, cat families have been creating homemade KittyKatFlats.  Homemade versions have been called catio, cat condo, cat enclosure, window cat house, or simply a cat house.    

What are the benefits of KittyKatFlat?

-Moves the litter box outside.

-Saves space and mess inside your home.

-Eliminates the smell of kitty litter inside your home.

-Provides a safe, enclosed personal space for your cat.

-Allows your cat to experience the outdoors from a secure, open-air enclosure.

-Protects your family, and other pets, from the dangers of indoor litter.

-Reduces litter expense.

Why do I need a KittyKatFlat?

If you have a cat, you and your cat can benefit from using a KittyKatFlat.  Here are some examples of our most frequent customers:

-Families that love their cats, but hate the mess, and want to move the litter box outside.

-Anyone who lives in a small spaces like apartments.

-Cat families with small children who may accidentally get into your indoor litter box (yuck).

-Cat owners with other pets, such as dogs, that may get into your indoor litter box.

-Property managers with tenants who love cats.

-Cat families who rent their home and want to ensure they regain their pet deposits.

-Cat owners that work all day.  KittyKatFlat affords your cat fresh air, sunlight, and mental stimulation while you're away.

What are the requirements to install my KittyKatFlat?

We recommend KittyKatFlat for homes with vertically hung windows that look onto covered porches.  Your window must be wider than 15.2” and no wider than 48”. Because KKF is designed for optimized airflow, light, and kitty viewing, our cat homes are not rain resistant. Installing your Flat under a covered patio will keep your Flat dry and shaded.   

Also, the litter box is designed to be maintained from the outside of the cat home. The catio should be placed where you can comfortably, and safely, stand or kneel outside the Flat while maintaining the litter box.

Will my KittyKatFlat compromise the security of my home?

No.  Your KittyKatFlat will mount into your window by closing the window onto a 15” wide x 7” tall door frame.  Open spaces on either side of the door frame are filled with “side curtains” much like a window unit AC. Our side curtains are made from a rigid, ½” thick, extruded polyurethane foam board that fills all gaps and seals your window from anything outside.  Finally, a metal clamp is placed above the top of the window, preventing the window from opening any further than it’s new closed position, at the top of the door frame. The new closed position of your window will be 7.38” higher than the old closed position.  This means that an intruder would first have to remove your Flat, then defeat the side curtain material, then ,while reaching through a 7” gap, somehow reach and remove the window clamp (which is at least two feet above) to open the window.

Overall, the components occupying your window space are as difficult, perhaps even more complicated, to breach than a pane of glass.     

How safe is KittyKatFlat for my cat?

​We designed KittyKatFlat to keep your pet securely inside the catio while keeping unwanted animals out. Although most cats can take care of themselves, we put extra effort to ensure heavy animals such as dogs are not able to open the cat house from the exterior, and as a fail-safe precaution, we designed the cat door to allow passage back into the safety of your home 100% of the time, i.e. there is no lock on the cat door.  

How do I assemble and install my KittyKatFlat?

All KittyKatFlat’s are mostly assembled when they arrive at your home, about 80%.  You can see a video describing the final assembly requirements and process here: Studio Video & Deluxe Video

Installation of your new Flat is easy with some basic handy person skills. However, if “handy” is not word you normally to describe yourself, you may want to enlist help.  Your new cat home can be installed by one person, however, installation is much easier with a little help.  Please see this video that describes the installation requirements and process: Installation Video

What is the difference between the Deluxe Flat and the Studio Flat?

The Studio Flat has one room and a loft.  Our Deluxe Flat has two rooms and a loft. All Flats include a litter tray that you choose to install, or to save for later.   

Our most popular cat house is the Deluxe Flat.  The Deluxe Flat offers two spacious 16” X 16” rooms (one with a vaulted ceiling), and a loft for optimum cat perching.  The Deluxe Flat comes complete with the cat door and door frame, the cat litter box tray, and everything you’ll need to install.  Outside dimensions of the Deluxe are 32” wide, 16” deep, and 30” tall.

The Studio Flat model is a great solution to provide a window catio, an outdoor litter box, or both, for your feline family member.  The Studio Flat includes a spacious 16” X 16” room, a loft, the cat door and door frame, the litter box tray, and all of the installation components.  Outside dimensions of the Studio Flat are 16” wide, 16” deep, and 30” tall.

How much weight will my KittyKatFlat support?

​We recommend a maximum load of 75 lbs for our Deluxe model and 50 lbs for our Studio model.  

Is KittyKatFlat LLC insured?

​Yes.  And more importantly, we incorporate extensive design, and materials into our product that deliver confidence and peace of mind to both our Customers and their Families.

How is KittyKatFlat advocating for cats?

​Millions of cats go missing or die every year when they leave the protection of their homes.  We are looking to partner with rescues, shelters and cat advocacy groups around the world. We want to share our product to better the lives of all cats everywhere, and we want to eliminate missing cat posters.  If your organization is interested in a partnership, email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!